Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy sleighing!

Today is Laskiainen. One could say it's the Finnish way of celebrating carneval. And it's a celebration especially for kids - and for students. 

students celebrating Laskiainen at Kaivopuisto

Kaivopuisto is the place to be today. Students from all the universities around the city come here today to take advantage of the last snow and sleigh down the Ullanlinna hill. They also compete on who built the best and nicest looking sledge. It all starts today at 13.00 and officially ends at 17.00 (before the crowd moves on to continue celebrating in some clubs in the center).

If sleighing down the hill with a can of beer in your hand on a Tuesday afternoon is not what you had in mind for today then rather get a delicious Laskiais Pulla. The sweet pastry is filled with either jam or marzipan and topped with a lot of whipped cream.

Whatever you decide to do, have a great Laskiainen!

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