Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time for mushrooms

As you might have already seen you can get fresh mushrooms in all the supermarkets at the moment. But much better than buying them is to pick your own ones. And it’s fairly easy. To find forest around Helsinki shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for anyone.

When you are out there in the woods the easiest is to keep your eyes open for Suppilovahverot (Craterellus tubaeformis). They are very popular in Finland and are quite easy to find. You will always find them in groups and they can be well spotted through their yellow feet.

What you need for mushroom picking is a basket, a knife (don’t rip them out), sturdy footwear and water-proof clothes. And of course try not to get lost in the forest.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kampitus päivät

This weekend you should pay a visit to Kamppi shopping center. Today and tomorrow they still have the Kampitus päivät ongoing. That means that most of the shops there have special offers with discounts of up to 50%. 

There is a special catalogue for those days listing up all the Kampitus offers. You can get it at Kamppi or also find it on their website and browse it through. There should be something for everyone.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Love and Anarchy for another three days

The Helsinki Film Festival Rakautta ja Anarkiaa is still on for another three days. If you haven’t seen any of the movies shown on the festival you should definitely use your chance.

Tickets can’t be bought at the Bio Rex ticket sale anymore but you can still buy them directly at the theatres or online from the website. There are still a lot of really good movies from various different genres shown this weekend. So check out the schedule and hurry to get the last tickets.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Arthur Guinness Day!

Yes indeed, it’s just a commercial and just recently made up day by the Guinness brewery celebrating their founder Arthur Guinness. But anyway isn’t it nice to again have a good reason to visit one of the nice Irish pubs in Helsinki and enjoy a good pint of Guinness?

Arthur Guinness Day is actually celebrated today and tomorrow. So if you don’t find the time to go today there is still a chance to join in Friday night. Not just that in most pubs the Guinness is on special offer today. There are also lots of live music acts on today and tomorrow.

So check out O’Malley’s, Molly Malone’s, Parnell’s, Dubliner or whatever other Irish pub you have close by and enjoy a tasty Guinness.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch in the cable factory

One of the places you should definately know in Helsinki is Kaapelitehdas, the cable factory in Salmisaari. Exhibitions, markets, parties and other cultural events take place there the whole year through.

And you also find a great place to eat out there. Hima & Sali is a nice restaurant that fits the style and flair of Kaapelithedas perfectly. It is furnishes with warm wooden chairs and tables and make the big rooms with high factory hall ceilings even feel comfortable.

Their focus lays on homemade and organic food that is prepared with fresh ingredients and convinces with a really good taste. During their lunch you can normally choose from four dishes to choose from of which at least one is vegetarian. The salad bar is also included. You can also rent Hima & Sali for celebrations and parties. 

Enjoy your food there!