Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finland in English

Do you want to read more about Finland and want to get more information on events, society, art and Finnish everyday life? Then look for SixDegrees. It’s a Finnish lifestyle magazine in English language. Published monthly by Dreamcatcher which also brings out the Helsinki times it is the only free English magazine in Finland.

You can find it not just in Helsinki but also in other bigger cities around Finland. For more information on the magazine itself and where to find it check their website.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Finnish Egyptian

Would you like to read a real Finnish classic? One of the most successful books written by a Finnish author is definitely “Sinuhe the Egyptian”. This historical novels tells about a physician who travels the around the Mediterranean Sea giving the reader a pretty good impression of ancient Egypt and its role in the world.

With this novel Mika Waltari became world famous. In the 1950s Hollywood even adapted the story for a movie. Every Finnish child reads the book in school.

It is one of the most important pieces of literature in Finland. And it’s a really interesting book.
Enjoy reading it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photography Into Art

If you are interested in photography as an art form in Finland you should pay a visit to the Finnish Museum of Photography. The exhibition is based on a huge private collection by Erja Hannula and Jorma Hinkka. Pictures over three decades tell the unique story of how Finnish photography established itself as a fully-fledged art form. A diverse mixture of photos shows the different periods and changes photography underwent.

 The museum also displays an overview of the work of the renowned Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki. She became internationally known by her classical black and white portraits. Some of the audience favorites can be seen along with some new works.

Both exhibitions are still on display till 21.04.2013. Tickets for the museum cost 6€/4€ (under 18-year-olds free).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Timeless Finnish design

Finnish design convinces through its simplicity. Most classics were already designed several decades ago. Still they are as popular as ever fitting into almost every surrounding.

Some objects might not be produces anymore these days and can be tough to find. If you are searching for those old pieces one way is the internet. Otherwise pay a visit to Jatkasaari. In one of the old warehouses you find the Vintage Design Market. Some real treasures are awaiting you here. Take your time to browse through the old pieces. It’s worth taking a closer look at some of them. You might spot a real rarity.

The Vintage Design Market is open Wednesdays through Fridays from 12 to 18.00 and Saturdays from 11 to 16.00.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Discounts around the year

The year 2013 just began. And with it came this year’s edition of CityShoppari. This voucher book that can be bought for 27 € includes over 1000 special deal for the capital region and whole Finland.

Whether you want to go to a nice restaurant, get a haircut, go travelling, buy a new pair of socks or even a new car you will find something suitable in there.

If you are thinking about getting it, then get it now. All offers are just valid in 2013.

On the CityShoppari website you find details on the deals and where to get the book. Unfortunately all information is just available in Finnish.