Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sandwich at StreetGastro

It is amazing how well a sandwich can taste if it's well made. And the guys at StreetGastro now that really well. At three different locations around Helsinki they sell their "premium street food" as they call it. And that is no exaggeration.

StreetGastro on Vaasankatu

StreetGastro focuses purely on sandwiches. In fact they only have four different kinds on their menu: Possu (pork), Kana (chicken), Härkä (beef) and Vege (vegetarian). And you can't make a wrong choice. All of them are really good. With a delicious bread and lots of fresh lettuce and vegetables they these sandwiches make for an excellent snack and even a decent lunch.

More information on StreetGasto, their locations, opening times and menu can be found from their website.



  1. I heard many good things about Street Gastro but I still hesitate a bit. Their prices are a bit pricy for "breads" don't you think? Well I don't know probably because I'm confident I can make so good breads as well :D

    1. Well sure, it's just a sandwich. And you could probably also make them at home. Still it is a far better option than most other snacks and before buying a burger from one of the big chains I rather spend the few extra euros for one of those sandwiches.
      If you decide to try them I'd be curious to hear your opinion :)