Monday, March 24, 2014

Starbucks in Helsinki

Now I also finally made it to the new Starbucks in the center of Helsinki. Many Finns have waited for the opening of this place for a long time. Now Starbucks coffee can be bough right in the center of Helsinki at Akateeminen. And even tough the café already opened several weeks ago you still have to wait in line for quite a while for your coffee. At least during the weekend. The place is especially popular among teenagers.

Starbucks Helsinki

And no doubt Starbucks Helsinki is a really nice place with lots of seat at the big glass windows in one of the best locations in town. It is cozy with the well known Starbucks style you know from other places around the world. And of course the selection is also pretty much the same as anywhere else. Prices might be slightly higher than what you are used to through.

All together it's a nice place to go to. If you are planning on going try it during the week and avoid the weekends. At least for the next couple of months. Before waiting in line for half an hour or more rather support one of the local businesses such as La Torrefazzione and get an even better coffee with way less of a hustle.

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