Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Find your inner Finn!

What would you be called if you were a Finn? The Finngenerator from VisitFinland.com can tell you.

Finngenerator by VisitFinland.com
Finngenerator by visitfinland.com
Just type in your name and let them know if you are male or female and you will find out. The web app that is going viral at the moment also tells you what your Finnish name means.

Try it out and share the result with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can also download it as a picture in case you were planning on putting it up on the wall.


  1. Although being a Finn already still wanted to have a go! My other finnish name is Meri Mesikämmen! Meri - the sea, mesikämmen - one of many synonyms to bear. Quite like it :)

  2. What was yours? This was actually a bit silly with so weird random names :) I haven't heard or known any Finn with such names. Probably they are very old fashioned names.