Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let’s watch hockey!

The Finns national sport is hockey. And their league SM liga is actually one of the best in the world (it was ranked second best in Europe behind Russia). You should definitely watch a game live.

Helsinki has two first league hockey clubs: HIFK, whos history dates back to 1897 and who plays at Helsingin Jäähalli and Jokerit, which was founded in 1967 that plays at Hartwall Areena. There is a huge rivalry between those two. At some point you probably won’t get around picking a side. The city is basically divided into supporters of one or the other club. The capital region also hosts a third SM liga club: the Espoo Blues (home: Barona Areena).

You buy tickets to the games for quite reasonable prices starting from 14€ and up to 40€ per game. Tickets for games of HIFK and the Blues can be bought online from, tickets to Jokerit games are sold from their own website

One of the most exiting games is the derby between the two Helsinki teams. But to get tickets for them you will have to book early. They are sold out pretty fast and one of the most watched games of the season.