Saturday, December 29, 2012

The perfect midnight snack

After a long night in pubs and clubs there is nothing better than a salty and unhealthy snack. Sure a portion of fries or a burger would do. But if you want to keep it Finnish rather order a Lihapiirakka at one of the numerous snack bars in town.

This snack made of doughnut dough and filled with a mixture of minced meat and cooked rice is perfect after a night out. You can have it with some additional sausage and can choose what kind of filling you want to have with it. In case you haven’t had Lihapiirakka (or Lihis, how the locals call it) before just take them all. It might sound a bit strange to have pickles, mustard, onions, garlic and ketchup but you should really give it a try.



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