Friday, December 28, 2012

Fire and ice

During those cold winter days candles are what make a home cozy. And isn’t it also nice to have one outside on the porch or the balcony standing in the snow that you can watch from inside and that welcomes guests? And how cool would it be to have it standing in an ice igloo protecting it from the wind? 

Well, there is an easy way to make a so called jäälyhty yourself. You only need a bucket, water and some minus temperatures outside. Fill the bucket with water and leave it outside for around 24 hours. 

Then turn the bucket around. The water seems to be completely frozen but in fact it’s just the outer shell. Make a hole at the side of the ice cylinder to let the remaining water flow out. Then make another hole the size of the fist into the top of it for the fire to get some oxygen. Now just place the burning candle inside your igloo. Ready!


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