Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Skiffer goes Downtown

Skiffer at Liuskasaari is one of the most beautiful places you can find in Helsinki in the summer. Sitting next to the sea in the sun you can enjoy your drink together with a delicious Liuska (pizza).

But when the days get shorter again and the first cold wind arrives at the coast of Helsinki Skiffer closes its summer terrace to open again in spring. This is not just sad because it is a sign that winter is close at hand but also because there is no place to get Liuska for several months.

But the good news is that a new Skiffer just opened this Saturday in the center of Helsinki at Erottaja. Here you can now get all the amazing Liuskas you know from Liuskasaari and some more all winter through. And the team did their best to also give you some of the summer and sea atmosphere indoors at their new place.
Skiffer Ravintola Erottaja is definitely worth a visit. Try for example the FG with duck liver, figs, duck filet and mustard seeds or Fishermen’s Friend with small fish, smoked salmon, fish roe and egg. 

Enjoy! It’s definitely the best pizza in town!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation - I took my Finnish friend there last weekend. She was amused that I'd found a restaurant she didn't know about but the pizza did not disappoint!

    Beware the 'Fisherman's Friend'!