Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Easy travelling

The public transport in Helsinki works perfectly. It is even ranked as one of the best in the whole world. Both for locals and visitors it provides the better and cheaper alternative to using a car in the city.

To make your travelling as easy as possible you should not buy single tickets from the machine or the driver every time but rather get your own Travel Card. With this electronic card you don’t need to carry around cash with you all the time and travelling becomes even cheaper. Especially if you are registered in the capital area tickets become noticeably cheaper. You can either upload time or value onto your card. Then just hold it against the card reader when you enter the bus and that’s it.

You can get a Travel Card on your name from the HSL service center at the main station underneath Elielinaukio. To find more information on prices for travelling in the capital area and to find out how much you can save using the Travel Card check the official website of HSL.

Hyvää matka!


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