Saturday, June 16, 2012

The living room of Lauttasaari

You want to watch the Euro Cup games in a cozy pub with a great and unique atmosphere? Then Kaunis Kampela is the right place for you. Called the living room of Lauttasaari by the locals all the games are shown there on two big screens. The interior is quite simple with its wooden chairs that kind of remind you a bit of the ones you had in school. Really nice atmosphere though and friendly staff!

The variety of drinks is quite amazing for such a small place. They serve beer from all over the world. To get an overview take a look at the beer folders they have that explain where the beer comes from, how it tastes and maybe even what the history behind it is. Or just ask the bar tender. They are happy to help you.

The drinks are not that cheap though. If you plan on coming more often or already if you want to spend a longer evening there consider getting a membership card for 5 Euros that allows you to get the special offers from the black board on the wall. The offers change monthly and you get really good beer for a quite reasonable price of 5,50 €.

They also serve tasty snacks at Kaunis Kampela (which translated means "beautiful flatfish") till late in the night. During the weekend they close at 2 a.m.

A great place!

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