Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your own Angry Birds

As most of you probably know the world famous game Angry Birds comes from Finland. It is invented by the company Rovio from Espoo. Nowadays they don’t just focus on the games themselves but also sell lots of merchandising products. For that reason they opened the first official Angry Birds fan shop in Helsinki. You find it inside the big electronic store at Länsiterminaali.

Even though the design is pretty nice and they had nice ideas how to decorate e.g. with a big sling that you can sit on it is in face a pretty small shop. Furthermore you can also get most of the products at other shops throughout town. Sometimes even for lower prices.

But if you really want to have a big selection of Angry Birds products, the probably best place to get them is on their web store.

Enjoy shopping!

UPDATE: This shop has closed. Another Angry Birds Pop-Up Shop has opened at Helsinki Vantaa Airport though. It's open daily and will be there till the end of August.


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