Thursday, June 9, 2016

Helsinki's new island

Another part of the beautiful Helsinki archipelago has been opened to the public. Since mid May the Vallisaari island is accessible to anyone.

View from Vallisaari towards the city

Just like Lonna is used to be a military island but was now turned into a recreational area. Vallisaari is located right next to Suomenlinna and has around the same size. It is way less crowded and due to being closed for decades has very wild nature. You can go for hikes through the woods or enjoy sitting next to the water.

Vallisaari coast

So far Vallisaari only has one small cafe serving waffles. If you want to have anything else, you'll have to bring it along.

You get there with the JT line from Kauppatori that operates hourly and continues from Vallisaari to southern Suomenlinna. A return ticket costs 7 €.


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