Saturday, December 12, 2015

Seurasaari Christmas Path

You and our family had so much to do during the last days and weeks that you didn't really have time to get into the Christmas mood? Then you should keep Sunday free for a trip to Seurasaari.

Picture: Kimmo Brandt
Picture: Kimmo Brandt

Starting from 12:00 Seurasaari opens its Christmas Path for children and families for the 20th time. The path includes play and sing-song, a Christmas play, face painting, horse cart driving, a whipsled and a straw labyrinth, a candle path, a fire exhibition, a slow-burning log fire and bun roasting over a campfire as well as Christmas porridge for the children. Animals of the forest walk around the Christmas Path handing out gingerbread and cinnamon buns to the children while Father Christmas and Old Lady Christmas listen to the children’s gift wishes.

And the entrance is free. Make sure not to miss this and have a wonderful weekend!

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