Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Escape Bodom

Have you ever played an escape room game? There are a couple of good ones here in the Helsinki region. Recently though a really cool new one has opened in Vallila.

Exit Room Helsinki

Exit Room Helsinki sets you back into the year 1960 on a camping trip to lake Bodom. Does that ring a bell? Exactly, at that time the most mysterious and until today unsolved crime in Finnish history took place: the murder of Bodom.

Put together a team of fearless friends and solve the mystery around what happend 55 years ago. You have 66 minutes time. And during November and December all games are 20 € off.

Exit Room Helsinki will also open a second room soon. This one will actually be a whole appartment. And not anyone's but the president's himself. So stay tuned!

Check it out and enjoy the game!

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