Thursday, October 16, 2014

Run, Lasse, run!

Paavo Nurmi was not the only famous Finnish runner. In the 70s a new talent revived the legend of the Flying Finns: Lasse Virén

Lasse Virén statue

The long-distance runner from Myrskylä won four times Olympic Gold for Finland in 1972 and 1976. Today you can find a statue of him right around the corner from Paavo Nurmi at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. But apart from that also an annual 20 kilometer run in the Sycamore Canyon in California is named after him.

Lasse Virén still a very well well-known figure in Finland and even held a seat in the Finnish Parliament twice in recent years for the Kokoomus.

If you happen to pass by the Olympic Stadium, pay the two Flying Finns Lasse and Paavo a visit.

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