Monday, September 29, 2014

Tipping in Finland

Whenever you arrive in a new country it is important to know how the tipping in that culture works. So how does it work in Finland? (If you are a Finn, live here already or visit often, you can stop reading now)

tipping not needed

Tipping in Finland is not really common. Meaning that noone expects you to tip. Since most people pay with credit or debit card they anyway tend to just pay the basic price. And don't worry if you do that as well since the service is already included in the price.

If you like to tip anyway you can of course do that. Therefore you will sometimes find a tipping jar at a bar. Or you can also ask the waiter to type in a different amount when paying by card. There is no percentage you have to follow though. And expect to be looked at in surprise when you try to tip.

All in all Finnish pricing concept is pretty staight forward (especially compared to countries like the US). You pay the amount that is written on the bill.

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