Monday, September 15, 2014

Swap your books

You just came back from a trip abroad and have finished the book you took with you. You can now take it back home and leave it in the shelf to probably never touch it again. Or you could just swap it for another one.
Book Swap at Helsinki Vantaa

On terminal 2 of the Helsinki Vantaa Airport you can find a book swap point where you can exchange your book for another from the shelf. Or just sit down in the rocking chair and grab one to read there. The service is completely free.

just grab a book from the shelf

You find the Book Swap one level above Gate 27. Check it out!


  1. I found this book swap last time I was flying back home from Helsinki. Took one which I am about to return next time, along with a few old ones to leave behind. I think it is a brilliant idea!

    1. It is a great idea. Will now, whenever I have enough time have a look when being at the airport.