Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flow 2014 in pictures

Still one day to go for the Flow Festival 2014. Here are some pictures of the festival so far.

Lonkero pier at Flow 2014

Relax on the long pier leading into the virtual water...

Skater chill out area at Flow 2014

 ...or chill out in the skater area.

Sky over Suvilahti at the Flow Festival 2014

 Suvilahti is just the ideal place for a festival.

night at Flow 2014

But when it gets dark it gets even more impressive.

Marissa Nadler performing on the Balloon 360° Stage at Flow Festival 2014

Great music and amazing atmosphere.

Red Bull Music Academy Backyard

That's what Flow Festival is all about.

Food stands at Flow Festival 2014

 And of course amazing food. You can find countless food stands of some of the best restaurants in town here.
Flow sign 2014

If you are planning on still joining for the last day, then go ahead. There are still tickets available online or at the main entrance.

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  1. I was one of the early birds to get tickets for 2015! I missed Flow this year but it definitely won't be happening again.