Saturday, August 2, 2014

Block Party in Kallio

Do you have any plans for today? No? Then off to Kallio. Today it's Block Party time there. The whole neighborhood turns into a big party with live music, food, drinks, sports, dance, kids program and much more.

The party starts today at 13.00 and continues until 22.00 in the evening. To see what happens when or which stage check out the full program of tonight.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I am a tourist from California who has been visiting my best friend in Helsinki for the last 30+ years. My friend lives in the neighborhood of Kallio. When I learned there was to be a "block party" in Kallio, I was quite eager to attend. Little did I know that instead of a party for the community, families, children, old members of the community such as the block parties I have experienced in the past with music, events, food kiosks, local artisans for the entire community, it was a horribly uncomfortably loud racket with the obnoxious, unpleasant sight of men urinating in public with no concern to public decency, and public overconsumption of alcohol. What was even more disturbing was that one of the main venues of the so-called music but which was simply the blaring of overactive loudspeakers was underneath the windows of my friend's apartment and from which we could not escape.