Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beware of sinilevä!

It's the perfect weather for a swim in the sea or one of the thousands of Finnish lakes. But be careful. The warm temperatures give the perfect conditions for the blue-green algea (Sinilevä) to grow. And they are unfortunately quite common in Finland. 

Blue-green algea in Helsinki

Life guards and authorities regularly take samples of the water and warn swimmers in case it get's too dangerous to go swimming in certain areas. Anyway you should always be careful when the water appears very green and follow those ground rules:

- Avoid swallowing the water.
- Keep kids out of the water and away from the shore
- Shower right after swimming
- Avoid swimming if the algea are clearly visible

Since Blue-green algea are likely to produce toxic and irritating substances in the water they may cause skin problems, burning eyes, blocked nose, muscular pain and nausea.

Be careful and don't let that ruin your summer!

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