Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Töölö's exhibitionists

No, this post is not about people running around naked in town. Nor is the wonderful small café in Töölö with the peculiar name The Exhibistionists.

coffee and bread at The Exhibitionists

But it is a place you should pay a visit to. The Exhibistionists on Museokatu has room for just a few customers but is dedicated to making their stay as cozy and comfortable as possible. While listening to French music from the loudspeakers feel free to grab one of the books from the shelf and let your thoughts travel. The occasional sip on a cup of good, freshly brewed coffee makes that experience even better.

The Exhibitionists cafe

The Exhibtionists is also a good choice for a bite in the morning. They serve breakfast every day of the week and on the weekend also offer brunch. For breakfast you can just drop by any time. Make sure to make a reservation for the weekend brunch though. As mentioned the seats there are limited so they need to know how many people are coming.

Give it a try!