Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Sea - Drink Water

The Baltic Sea is one of the most threatened marine ecosystems on the planet. It suffers from decades of human activity in and around the sea, like over-fishing, irresponsible shipping practices, physical exploitation and the pressures from agriculture and industry.

DROPP Mineral Water

If you want to help save this unique marine ecosystem there is an easy way to do that now. Just buy DROPP Mineral Water. DROPP offers sustainable, Baltic Sea friendly spring water to consumers in Finland and donates 100% of its profits to support the rehabilitation of the Baltic Sea.

You can buy DROPP in many bars, restaurants, kiosks, cafes and even boats around Helsinki. Refresh yourself with a bottle of DROPP today and help save the Baltic Sea.


  1. Plastic bottles are the single biggest source of consumer pollution in the world, and pose the greatest threat to marine life globally. So, saving the Baltic by purchasing more plastic bottles seems insane. Who came up with this idea?

    See the documentary "Tapped" to better understand the threats posed by bottled water to the environment.

    1. A valid point. That issue is also listed in their FAQ section (number 5)