Monday, July 7, 2014

Movies in the yard

The weather is excellent. Time to spend your whole day outside. Movie theaters are something for rainy days, right?

Kesäkino Engel

Or you just combine those two and add a good glass of wine and maybe some delicious pastry. Then you get Kesäkino Engel. During the summer till late August Cafe Engel and Kino Engel turn their small yard into a summer cinema, combining the best those two places have to offer. Get your drink together with a small snack from the cafe and get comfortable in one of the chairs outside. Should it get to chilly then just grab one of the blankets.

The movies, like in Kino Engel, are rather alternative and mainly from Europe. If you don't speak Finnish then be sure to choose one where a language you understand is spoken. You can find their program and more information on the movies on their website.

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