Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trees and trains

The Main Station in Helsinki turned green again. VR, the Finnish railway company, has again brought some of Finlands beautiful summer green into the building of Rautatieasema. On several big beds trees, bushes and grass have been planted.

green Main Station

Travelers even have the possibility to sit in between the birch trees and take a small break from their journey. The installation will be there the whole summer and is of course accessable to everyone for free. 

birch trees at Rautatieasema

Take a look yourself!


  1. It is always so beautiful :) Luckily I'm travelling back home on saturday so I get to see it when it's still fresh and new.

    1. Oh, you'll be in Finland? That's nice. I sincerely hope that the weather will get better till you are here. Have a great time back home!

    2. Yep, I will be there for 2 weeks! English weather is so poor (especially in the summer) so I am used to it :/ Hopefully we get to have a barbecue, that's all I'm asking :) Thank you very much, I will have a lovely time for sure!

      One of the days I will join Helsinki Horror Walk with friends, are you familiar with that? An idea for your blog maybe?

    3. Anyway looks as if the weather will get better after Juhannus. So lots of possibilities for a bbq.
      Thanks for the suggestion! I heard about that walk before.There are also some other theme walks through Helsinki apparently. Let me know how it was. I will also check it out at some point.