Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Great kebab in Punavuori

For years it was basically impossible to find good kebab here in Helsinki. Now suddenly several new places pop up that serve excellent versions of it. After I already reviewed Döner Harju here earlier I came across another fantastic place for Döner and Shawarma. 

Vivo's on Iso Robertinkatu

What makes Vivo's on Iso Robertinkatu special is that instead of the horrible, horrible meat stripes that are normally used for kebab in Finland they have the real stuff. The meat they have on the grill stick there consists of several layers of real meat slices. This gives their döner and shawarma a whole different quality.
inside Vivo's
So if you have longed for the real döner experience and were not lucky to find it in Helsinki then don't waste any time, drop by at Vivo's and enjoy! Vivo's of course also has delicious vegetarian dishes, salads and falafel.

Lot's of good stuff at Vivo's

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