Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who to vote for

In just a bit over two weeks the election for the European Parliament take place. If you are over 18 and citizen of the European Union you are entitled to vote. But who to vote for? Especially if it is your first election in Finland and you are not familiar at all with the Finnish party landscape.

EUvox 2014

The EUvox 2014 website can help you. No matter what EU country you vote in the system gives you the opportunity to find your best match among the local parties by asking you several questions that you can give your opinion on. And don't worry if you don't speak any English. EUvox always supports English in addition to the local language.

With your result EUvox gives you detailed information on the parties, their opinions and on what matters you agree or disagree with them.

Check it out. And don't forget to vote on May 25!

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