Friday, May 9, 2014

Dinner with a Michelin Star

Ravintola Ask is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Helsinki. And that is not just according to my humble opinion. The Michelin jury agreed and awarded the small restaurant in Kruunuhaka a Michelin star.

Restaurant Ask in Kruunuhaka

Ask is run by the couple Filip and Linda who together with their staff are doing an amazing job of making your evening an unforgettable experience. 

the menu at Ask

Ask offers a list of eight outstanding dishes and gives you the opportunity to choose four out of them or go for the whole menu. If you have the time (about three to four hours) go for the full experience. You can also choose a wine menu in combination with the food. Single wines are a good choice as well. But in any case ask for their recommendation. All their wines are carefully selected and have their own story.

Greetings from the kitchen

When it comes to the food be prepared to be amazed. The dinner starts of with two small greetings from the kitchen to give you a first hint of what is still awaiting you. 

Perch & Black Radish

At Ask they don't need many words to explain their dishes. The menu doesn't reveal to much. The food here speaks for itself.

Egg & Mushroom

All their ingredients that come from farmers and producers are organic and biodynamic.

Blueberry, Licorice & Sorrel

If you want to experience Ask for yourself don't forget to book a table in advance. The restaurant is quite small. And if you are planning on having all eight courses don't be there too late. It takes a while.

Pancakes & Spruce

Enjoy and have a wonderful time at Ask!

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