Sunday, May 4, 2014

Birdwatching with the Finnstick

The birds are coming back to Finland. That's the time that all birdwatchers have been waiting for for months. Now they go out into the nature whenever they find time to watch the homecomers.

But holding up your binoculars for several hours can be quite tiring for the arms. That's why Finns invented a simple device that is now famous among birdwatchers all over the world: the Finnstick.

It is basically just a wooden stick with a small cylindric nose on top that can hold the binoculars. That way you just have to hold the end of the stick. The idea is simple and at the same time genius. You can buy one or also very easily build one yourself.

Enjoy the birdwatching!


  1. This was a new invention to me! My british partner is a birdwatcher but he hasn't heard of this either - a cool gift idea for next Christmas?

    1. Quite coo, isn't it? And a really nice present as well, I think.

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