Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Burgers at Morrison's

Morrison's is considered to be one of the best burger places in Helsinki. And already when entering the restaurant you have the feeling of stepping into an American diner. Red color dominates the interior and simple chairs and tables.

House's Burger at Morrison's

Morrison's has a nice wide variety of tasty burgers. Try e.g. their BBQ Bacon Burger or if you are really hungry the King Kong with two 180g burger patties. But there is also something for vegetarians or fish lovers. You can choose one out of seven different side dishes to come with your burger. They also have great lunch offers.

Morrison's has very decent burgers. Their are worth a try and definitely won't leave you hungry. However they have strong competition in Helsinki and from my point of view you can find even better ones elsewhere (such as Stone's or also Hard Rock Café).

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