Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bonjour à Chofé

There is a new beautiful small café in town. Just a few weeks ago the French art café Chofé has opened its doors in Lönnrotinkatu just around the corner from Vanha Kirkkopuisto.

Café Chofé in Lönnrotinkatu

Chofé is a great place for a coffee break on your way through the city. Choose from their wide coffee selection. Maybe instead of the usual cappuccino try one Cafe Miel (with cinnamon and honey) or a Cafe Bonbon (with sweetened condensed milk) for a change.

coffee and pastry at Chofé

And don't miss our on their amazing French pastry as well as the sweet Tunisian delights (hence to the owner's origin). Then sit down in one of the comfy armchairs and enjoy the French tunes from the loudspeaker.

Chofé also has live music though. To find our when check out their Facebook page.

get comfy at Chofé

It wouldn't be an art café though without its changing art exhibitions from local artist. You can just take a look or also buy pieces. As well as Finnish design that is on display in the back part of the café.

Check it out and have a great time there!


  1. Wonderful place! Worth to visit.

  2. Thank you for such a good advice, I’m looking forward tasting some of the pastries.

  3. Just read in Facebook that there's also coming lunch time jazz, starting at 24th of April, every day from 12:00-14:00. Must get there for lunch someday when going to be in Helsinki!

  4. Sounds nice place! Have to go there.