Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fine dining without the glamour

Ravintola Kolo in Punavuori doesn't attract much attention when you pass by on the street. In fact you will even have difficulties to read it's name from the outside or even find out that it's a restaurant. Even if you visit their website you won't find out much about them other than there opening times and address. Nevertheless this small restaurant is probably one of the best in town.

Ravintola Kolo

Kolo knows how to impress without making much noise about it. The food is served on old dishes that seem to come straight from grandma's cupboard. This along with the size and low-key interior gives the place it's very own atmosphere.

mussels with homemade potato chips at Ravintola Kolo

But let's focus on the food. The staff at Kolo really know what they are doing. Both the quality of the food and the service are excellent. I highly recommend going with a three course menu to not miss out on their great appetizers and desserts. Try e.g. their heavenly mussels with homemade potato chips as a starter, some tasty tiger prawns as a main course and enjoy their delicious brownies together with a cup of coffee. The waiters can give you great wine recommendations. Also consider trying their dessert wine. It's really good.

Have a wonderful evening at Kolo! But don't forget to make a reservation before.

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