Friday, March 14, 2014

A feel of Paris

Hotel bars are probably the most underrated bars in cities. Even if their might actually be quite nice. Helsinki also has a few of those hidden beauties. One of them is Bar Socis inside Hotel Seurahuone. 

Bar Socis at Seurahuone

The hotel is located right in the heart of Helsinki next to Sokos and around the corner from the main station. After entering you can already see the bar straight ahead. Bar Socis has a real Paris feeling to it. And that is not just due to the French music played here. The bar has a round shape and is covered by a beautiful colored glass ceiling. The center of the bar is a small fountain covered in blue and green light around which comfortable sofas and armchairs are placed.

You can get various cocktails and of course wine and beer here. Prices are a bit higher then elsewhere in the center. The atmosphere is really something though and worth to spend at least an hour.

Check it out and have a nice weekend!

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