Saturday, March 29, 2014

A bakery with tradition

Kanniston Leipomo at Lasipalatsi is one of the oldest bakeries in Helsinki. And no doubt also one of the best. This year they celebrate their 100th anniversary. Kannisto has several locations throughout the city. The most central one is the one at Lasipalatsi. It is very easily overlooked since the place is really small. But it's really worth a visit.

coffee and apply pastry at Kanniston Leipomo

Kannisto has lots of good bread. But of course also really delicious pastry. If you are lucky you can catch one of the two small tables at the window and enjoy your sweet treat there together with a cup of really good coffee.

pastry at Kanniston Leipomo

Kanniston Leipomo is a real gem and popular among locals. Give it a try!

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