Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mexican from Shanghai

Do you already have some plans for the next days? What about a lovely dinner with delicious Mexican food?

Shanghai Cowboy in Helsinki

One of the best Mexican places you can find in Helsinki is Shanghai Cowboy. Well, and as the name already suggests it's not pure Mexican but Mexican fusion kitchen with a hint of Asia.

The here has a really fresh taste and the combinations they use remind a bit of Farang and Gaijin. Still it's a completely different experience. Try e.g. their Salmon on Stone Bread which is a good started to share for two.

A wonderful main dish (also good for sharing) are the Beef Tacos. The absolute highlight from their kitchen are the Choclate and Coke Ribs. You'll love them, believe me. And don't let the name scare you away. You can check out the whole menu from their website.

Shanghai Cowboy is located at Erottaja and shares entrance and premises with Adam's. It's a rather small restaurant so get a reservation especially if you plan on coming here during the weekend.

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