Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Runebergin Päivä

Johan Ludvig Runeberg is considered one of the most important Finnish poets of all times. As every February 5 his birthday is celebrated today with a flying flag and of course with Runebergin torttu.

Runebergin torttu

You shouldn't miss out on them. They are available in supermarkets, cafés and restaurants and are quite delicious. Runebergin torttu is made with almonds, icing and raspberry jam.

Hyvää Runebergin päivää!


  1. Awww if I have to name things I miss from Finland Runebergin torttu has to be on top of my list! Last year I tried to bake them myself but it didn't quite work - well, they were delicious but looked hidious and messy. Enjoy!

    1. I never tried that myself. But true, they are so good when you buy them that it might be quite disappointing. Maybe there will still be some when you come here next time :)

    2. I really hope so as my next trip to Helsinki will be in the end of this month - fingers crossed :)