Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pizza and bar in the center

Some say it's the only real Italian pizza place in Helsinki. Others just go there for the athmosphere. Putte's is a nice and very centrally located pizzeria in Kalevankatu.

Pizza at Putte in Helsinki

You won't find any fancy pizza topping like at Skiffer here but if you are more into the standards like salami, funghi and margherita this is definately the place to go. 

It's also a nice hangout for a beer or wine after work and since it's so spacious you should always be able to find a table (at least during the week).

Check it out!


  1. you should add a link with the location of these places!

    1. You can actually always find the location underneath the post. It's clickable as well so you can see it in Google Maps.

    2. riiight.. but there's no link on the "mobile version" of your blog, is there?