Saturday, January 18, 2014

Will Guggenheim come to Helsinki after all?

After the decision has been made against a Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki last year especially due to financing issues there might be hope again after all.

Here in the South Harbor the new Guggenheim Museum might be built

This week the Helsinki city council decided on reserving a spot at the South Harbor of the city right in the center. The Guggenheim Foundation now starts an international architecture competition to find a suitable concept for the spot.

Only after that a final decision on whether to build the museum will be made. Till then we can look forward to some interesting concepts from architects from all over the world for the South Harbor of Helsinki.

But what is your opinion? What do you think about a Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki? Leave a comment!


  1. Hmm this is a difficult one. Since I no longer live in Helsinki I am not fully aware of all the arguments people are using but I would guess there are quite a few who are against it. I understood that they are going to use the taxpayers money to fund the museum. Where are they going to take the money from? 140 million euros is a lot if you take it from healthcare budget or police forces for example. But on the other hand would it bring it back to the city double or triple in the long run? I think a Guggenheim would be a good idea if they find the premises for it within the already existing ones so there wouldn't be a need to build a new one.

    1. It's really a though one. I agree. Always a question how much it brings in the long run. This would definitely give Helsinki another major sight and get lots of tourists here. I guess they have made calculations on that based on how the whole thing works in Bilbao though. But looks like that Guggenheim is really eager to build this thing here and maybe they are even willing to put in a bit more.