Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frozen sea

Within just a few days the sea around Helsinki froze over almost completely. And in the morning together with a clear sky this can create rather nice pictures.

Sorry for all those pictures during the last days! Hope you guys don't mind.


  1. Thank you got your lovely pictures, info and links. I'm coming to Finland for a holiday in four weeks soooo excited and your blog has kept my anticipation going. I probably won't see Helsinki under snow by then?. We are also going north. So thank you again from an australian traveller.

    1. I'm quite sure you'll see Helsinki under snow at that time. In four weeks it's still the middle of winter here. You could then also go for a walk in one of the bays over the ice. Maybe walk to an island. Bring warm clothes. It will most likely still be around -15 or so. And if you go further North -25 to -30 is not unlikely. Wish you a great time in Finland!

    2. Thank you. Have loads of warm clothes. So excited.