Saturday, November 2, 2013

Belated All Saints'

Today the Finns celebrate All Saints’ Day by visiting the graves of loved family members and leaving a candle. Most shops are closed today. But wait a second, you might say. Isn't All Saints' always on November 1 and not 2?

Well, already in 1955 Finland decided to move the holiday to the Saturday between October 31 and November 6. At that time this was actually quite convenient for people since Saturday was still a regular working day. That way people had a long weekend. Nowadays it doesn't really help us much though. Except for the ones working in shops and supermarkets of course. But tomorrow on Sunday most businesses will be open again.

If you urgently need some groceries you will find most small supermarkets such as Alepa, Siwa and K-Extra as well as K-Market in Kamppi Kauppakeskus open even today.

Also keep in mind that for public transport the Sunday timetable applies today.

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