Friday, November 22, 2013

A drink by the fire

You want to check out something new in Helsinki this weekend? If you are a fan of modern design and lounge style you should visit the bar at Hotel Haven by the sea.

fireplace at Bar Haven

Bar Haven is a really nice stylish hangout where you will always still find a free table or sofa. Even during the busy pikkujoulu weekends there is always enough space.

And they have quite and amazing selection of drinks. You can find big varieties among spirits and wines.

Bar Haven is an upper price location but definitely worth visiting at least for one drink. So make yourself comfortable next to the fireplace and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love this place, good music, relaxing chill spot. Great local bar. Very artsy and really laid back. Beer wine and mixes are all great. More mature crowd.

  2. This place is the best little kept secret for lunchtime workers who need a delicious meal in a elegant environment. Trust me, the selection around here gets old fast.