Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A real record store

Digelius at Viiskulma is one of the few real record store that can still be found in Helsinki. Here it’s all about the music. Not just CDs but also lots of LPs are lined up in the shelves here and waiting to be listened to. You can find both new and second hand.

Digelius music store

Digelius has a great selection of World and Jazz music. And also has some small treasures like special music books or special CD collections for sale.

LPs and CDs at Digelius

The shop has a long history. And through all this time is has been taken care of by Emu, the guy working here already for 40 years. If you are searching for something special or need some recommendations he’s definitely able to help you.

Drop by and bring some time! It’s a great place!