Monday, September 23, 2013

Not so golden Rax

Rax offers an all you can eat buffet for a very reasonable price of a bit under 10 Euros. For that money you get pizza, sausages, chicken wings and more as much as you want. When it comes to size and volume this is definitely a great deal. Especially since you can find Rax in pretty central locations throughout the capital region. Unfortunately this is the only upside and what you gain on the quantity side you loose on the quality side. The food you get there is greasy and the taste is below average. So if you pay any attention to healthy, delicious and good food better stay away from Rax.

Rax Buffet in Sello

I normally try to avoid reviews about mediocre places in Helsinki since I believe it makes more sense to tell you about what is really good here in the city. Rax can be found everywhere in and around Helsinki though that I thought some of you might have wondered what’s up with it.

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