Monday, August 5, 2013

Cards, cards, cards

To get a discount in Finland it’s not enough to be at the right place at the right time. Here you most likely also still need a membership card of some sorts. Those cards are given away by almost every shop, bar, restaurant, café or whatever other business there is.

membership cards in Finland

Sure you can take them all. But you will quite soon find out that there is not even enough space in your wallet to fit them all. You start taking some out and of course forget to put them back in before you need them.

There are two cards though that I highly recommend on having and always carrying with you being in Finland. Since the S- and the K-group own so many businesses in this country you are always well off having their discount cards with you all the time. The S-Etukortti is a bit more expensive than the K-Plussa Kortti but the investment pays off quite soon normally. And you don’t just get the discounts you also earn points every time you use them which you can later use for shopping.

Good luck with not getting lost in the membership card jungle!

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  1. You can leave the Ikea Family card in your drawer, since you can just print out (with you mail address and Ikea-Family password) a receipt with your cards barcode in every Ikea (as far as I remember). Just look for the Ikea-Family registration computer point!

    [AND you even get your free coffee with it ;) ]