Friday, July 12, 2013

Vin-Vin for a good glass of wine

What better way could there be to start into the weekend than with a glass of good wine? And if you happen to be in the center of Helsinki the Vin-Vin wine bar is the perfect choice for that occasion.

Vin-Vin wine bar in Helsinki

The small bar in the corner of Kalevankatu and Yrjönkatu is well known for its excellent wine selection. At Vin-Vin you will most of all find organic wines from small producers. For that reason you can be sure to find get some wines here you most probably won’t find at Alko.

Ask the bar tender for a recommendation. There will surely be something to suit your taste. Vin-Vin of course also has other drinks than wine but for anything else. Wine is their specialty though and for anything else you will probably find something more suitable elsewhere in town.

Especially if you consider coming here during the weekend try to be early. The place doesn’t have too many seats and it get’s crowded here pretty fast. I managed to get in only after the fourth try.

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