Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not too late to get a taste

In case you haven’t been to Taste of Helsinki yet there are still three sessions this weekend (Saturday at 11:00 and 17:00, Sunday at 11:00). Tickets are still available online or at the entrance.

Unfortunately it is basically impossible to try everything. Here are some recommendations:


GREEN SHELL MUSSELS & YUZU yuzu-lemon dressing, seaweed caviar (Gaijin)

”EARTHQUAKE” – Organic egg 64,7°C with mushroom toffee (Luomu)

Main Dishes:

PORK BELLY YAKINIKU grilled pork belly marinated with sweet soy, Japanese watercress (Gaijin)

NECK OF WILD BOAR with false morel pie and sauce of raspberry leaves (Juuri)

ROASTED WHITE CHOCOLATE, strawberries with lemon verbena sherbet (Smör)

SALT-CARAMEL CAKE with pine fudge and rhubarb (Juuri)

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