Monday, June 10, 2013

Best frozen yogurt in town

Several places in Helsinki have frozen yogurt. But if you want to have the real good stuff you should visit Yobot in Töölö.

Yobot in Töölö

Not just can you choose between natural and flavored frozen yogurt, it also tastes way better than anywhere else. And not to speak of the toppings. I bet you there is no other place in the city with such a huge variety of candies, fruits, sauces, sprinkles, crumbles and more.

frozen yogurt topings at Yobot

Yobot has self service. Just mix however you like and pay later by weight. Instead of frozen yogurt you can also try their amazing smoothies.

So drop by, the weather is perfect for it. Or keep your eyes open for their new Yobot-Cycle selling 5€ froyo portions in town.

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