Monday, May 13, 2013

Blini Russian style

The fact that blini in Russia are quite different from the ones in Finland often causes confusion on both sides of the border. In Finland blinis are small and thick whereas their Russian counterparts are thin and more comparable to crêpe.

If you want to try the Russian version without having to take a train to Saint Petersburg you should pay a visit to Blinit. The small blini place on Sturenkatu offers blinis with sweet and salty fillings and toppings for very reasonable prices. Try e.g. the classic with roe, onions and sour crème or as dessert the one with fresh strawberries and ice crème.  The blinis are made freshly and don’t disappoint. Even other Russian specialties such as pelmeni, borscht and solyanka are served here.

For an inexpensive Russian snack in between this is exactly the right place.

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