Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3 kaveria ice cream – yummy and local

Forget Ben & Jerry’s, forget Häagen-Dazs and get some of the delicious new 3 Kaveria ice cream. It is a great combination of milk ice cream and sorbet. And it is local.

3 Kaveria jäätelö vadelma-valkosuklaa

The three work colleagues and good friends Heikki, Ilkka and Sauli always shared a passion for ice cream. So they decided to go on an adventure and went to Italy and learn how to make good ice cream. Coming back they started their own business called Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö (three friends’ ice cream) in 2012. Within a short time their products became a huge success in Helsinki.

Three different flavors are already on the market (strawberry-vanilla, blueberry-cardamom and raspberry-white chocolate) but there is more to come. To ensure the freshness and high quality of their product they only use ingredients from local farms. You can get their delicious ice cream in selected K-markets around Helsinki.



  1. Hahaa, I give you extra credit for this subject!! (I guess you already knew that Sauli is our friend Tumppi's uncle?)

    1. It's really good stuff! And yes, Tomas introduced us to it :)